Welcoming thousands of visitors every day probably best reflects the status of Quan An Ngon in the hearts of the Vietnamese and foreign visitors who come to Ha Noi. From the first popular location in Hanoi (18 Phan Boi Chau Street, Hoan Kiem district) in 2005, Quan An Ngon now has a second branch at 25T2, Hoang Dao Thuy. What is the reason behind Quan An Ngon success as a symbol of delicious Ha Noi and delicious Vietnam?
Vietnam is in a transformation period, along with economic growth comes the influence of Foreign culture and food, especially from the West. Many fastfood outlets have gradually replaced the images of familiar food vendors plying their trade in ancient food streets; and the emergence of high-end restaurants, which serve European cuisine for the local Vietnamese to explore. However, Quan An Ngon appearance reminds one of the traditional cuisine of Vietnam which are known all over the world.
Upon entering the restaurant, guests are usually amazed by a poetic and ancient environment painted in a deep and rich color. The picture is also similar but only in the memories of the old people of Ha Noi or in old books and paintings. Many seem to associate old Ha Noi with streets full of cakes for sale. Clearly there is nothing more ideal than to enjoy hundreds of delicious cuisines from three regions, which are full of flavors and colors in such a unique environment.
Someone says, "Cooking is an art and the cook is an artist". The artists who create the delicious food found at Quan An Ngon are talented and skilled chefs who originate from many of the famous noodle, crab noodle, Steamed Sticky Rice Coated Mung Bean restaurants and stalls throughout Hanoi. The food at Quan An Ngon is not only prepared by the best skilled chef, but also enhanced by the enthusiasm of the entire managers and staff.
That is the reason why for the past 7 years now, Quan An Ngon is always an attractive destination for Vietnamese people who love “home food” and to learn about the culture of Vietnam. In the Singapore newspapers,  Reuters released an article on August 10, 2010, on Quan An Ngon after this restaurant was voted to amongst the best dozen restaurants in Asia for 2010. It was also voted as one of the five best restaurants in Vietnam in the same year by an organization specialized in monitoring restaurants system in Asia. This result is voted by is the visitors all over the world by culinary experts, journalists, writers who often write about food.
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