When the sun set, after a hard day’s work in the concrete wilderness, step through our door and find yourself in the easygoing atmosphere of a Western saloon where you can trade in your citysliicker duds for a worn pair of jeans and your favorite  bottle of Cognac.
At the Seventeen Cowboys, pull up a chair and experience the Wild West While kicking up your spurs to the live beats of Country music, Folk, Blues, and good of Rock&Roll. Whether it’s an ice cold beer or a straight shot of firewater, our bad maids are masters of Mixology and will serve your drinks with a dose of old-fashioned hospitality and a 10 gallon smile.
So saddle up your mechanical pony and take a short ride to the Seventeen Cowboys. Where the good times flow and the spirit of the Wild West still runs free. We’ll leave the light on for you.
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